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I'm off to a Harry Potter screening and after-party (with some actors in attendance) this afternoon and evening. Should be great fun. My son is my date, though he really cringed when I put it that way, which of course is why I put it that way. Also, my darling hubbin is getting home after being gone 5 days. I slept so little it feels like ten and I just want big hugs. I'm afraid he's in for some clinginess this weekend.

I'm learning my ankle is not healing at the rate I'd like. I know it's going to take a long time for the ligaments to repair themselves, but golly-gee I'd like to return to some kind of schedule of walking around normally.

You'll see by my Sightings on the sidebar I'm at Big Gig tomorrow, an all day concert. I'll be the one in the aqua string bikini, cut-offs, a cowboy hat, and the devastating tan. It's going to be in the 90s and I'm afraid all decorum is SOL. Last year I spent part of the time splashing myself in the bathroom, and then, dripping wet, was asked by a car dealership to pose for pix with their cars. I've always wondered just where on the Internet those pictures are.

I'm also attending a professional organization's picnic earlier in the day in the same get-up. Hell, I'm a creative. It's my prerogative to be weird. Besides, my style tends to run toward hippie-rocker-trash anyway.

Some housekeeping:

New and Improved! I'm easier to get hold of since I've had some people inquire. You can contact me via Yahoo chat and my email, found on my profile. I'll leave the info there as long as no one abuses it too badly. I'm probably delighted to chat with you and I love emails from fans and buddies, but PLEASE identify yourself well (ie, mention the blog and your handle). I get some spam on Yahoo Chat especially, and I'll delete it without responding if it looks like junk.

Happy Weekending everybody!

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