visitors! visitors!!

The cat's out of the bag. Stuart's coming to the US on tour next fall and coming to visit us, too; we get to go to a convention together (and I'm going to try to pull strings so we can land on some of the same panels) and then we're going to sight-see and go visit this nice blogger-cougar, Aerin, who lives nearby. So. Excited. We've been talking about catching up with each other for quite awhile, but now tix are actually bought. Yea!

In other news, I'm laying out in the sun reading more of the CHANGE novels, thinking over my own futuristic WIP (note in moleskin: the effects of the ecoterr war should be severe, immediate, and permanent), and driving kids to various camps. Kid one is at Rock Band Camp. Kid Two is at Art Camp. Mommy's laying in the sun. Daddy's off working but will probably ride the motorcycle tonight. Oh, happy day.

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