I'm a bit jaded. I freely admit it. I'm jaded as a person and as a writer. This is not to say I don't still find joy in what I do. But my skin is leathery and sometimes while I'm smiling on the outside, I'm rolling my eyes on the inside. Sending out fifteen rejections in one night tends to crack the rose-colored glasses.

Some things help this condition though, and one of them is being around new writers. They're infectious, with their excitement over their new "calling." It's why I aim a lot of my talks at those new writers.

Today I'm going to an all day writer's workshop and there are bound to be some new writers there. I look forward to catching what they have.

Next week is my last full writing week without kiddos, so I've lined up a series of posts (already written) on Why I Think Writing Short Stories Is Important. Five of them. So tune in early and often.

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