So, a few ideas bumbling round the brain tonight:

First of all, "Moment of Surrender" by U2...pretty damned cool song. I get addicted to songs and that one's my latest poison.

i was speeding on the subway
through the stations of the cross

Sorry. Got all angsty-teen on your ass there. It's over now.


Sick of Haloscan. A couple of years ago, it was the premier comment system. Then blogger got its act together (got with the 90s, as it were) and made a decent system. Now haloscan is frequently down and slow. Now I must delete. I may, in a fit of writing procrastination, just do a whole new template and website and all. I have to finish the Top Secret Project first though.


I'm really really really contemplating starting a website and offering free downloads of HINTERLAND. (Can you all-caps an unpubbed book?) First of all, I just really like the book. I don't know if the writing is stellar (though I've had enough people say it is, so maybe it is and I just don't know my own good stuff when I see it), but I'm fond of the story and I think I could get it in shape. Second, I think the epic fantasy market is jampacked with Old Names right now. And since it's a book that's been languishing for, like, ever, I feel the need to get the damned thing read. I'd have to go out and promote it and brag and bluster about the Internet. Oh yea. AND it means all sorts of technical things like URLs and Downloads and Domains and Shit Like That. Like I didn't get my fill in February with the Electric Spec site, even with all the brilliant help I had.

Fortunately, I know people. I even live with one.

Unfortunately, those people are all far too busy to ask for help. I think I'd have to GoDaddy this one.


Holy Week is a'comin. And boy do I need a bit of Holiness in my life about now. Like Bono says: "I don't go to church for the view." Yeah. I...well. Yeah. I could do with a bit of that.

Despite loads of good news on the writing front, one thing stands out from today. I got one of those hotel one-cup coffee makers where it just heats the water and you drop a bag of tea in...get this...for my very own bathroom!!!!! I mean, how freakin' cool is that? I can just plug it in and it makes me a cup of tea a full half-hour before I usually get one!!!!!

And it was only -- get this -- 15 bucks!

iT's EnOuGh To MaKe YoU wAnT tO GoOfy TyPe

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