gossip tea

I should be pattering away at my Top Secret Project because it's Almost Done. Instead I'm posting. Why? Because I should do a conference talk on Procrastination, that's why. I'm a pro.

Speaking of conferences, I've gotten word that I'll be speaking at Author Fest of the Rockies (in lurvely Manitou Springs--one of Colorado's best wee towns) and at Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference again. See sidebar for details if you're wanting an excuse to see me in the flesh. I do love helping writers and I love when folks come up and talk to me, especially when they offer to buy me a drink.


Ok, not so much.

I'm also conspiring with a buddy on making up a valid excuse so we can meet up other at another conference. Look out, hotel bar.

Writing as a social endeavor (Twitter, blogging, conferences) is kind of a necessary part of the career, whether you're promoting or just trying to keep sane. I'm as reclusive as the next guy, er, girl, but it gets a bit ridiculous when it's been, like, days since I talked to someone outside my family. Except my problem is that often if I feel lonely, my instincts send me to a good novel to read. Then someone calls and I find myself chattering on like a little old lady at Gossip Tea. (Gossip Tea would be a great name for a short story or for this post.) Then I realize I'm on the verge of getting about a 100 cats and hustling small children off my lawn with a flyswatter.

Speaking of gossip, the people down the street are Uhauling all their crap away from their house with no warning. And there's a rental sign out front. We're not really in a "rental neighborhood." Odd, that. I think I'll go sit on the front porch swing and watch.

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