new scientist

NEW SCIENTIST might be pop science, kind of like WIRED is pop tech, but it's interesting nonetheless. I got half a dozen ideas from poking around the site, including the first line for a new story from this gem about why humans have Faith:

These regions include ones involved in our theory of mind. We share this ability to recognise that other people have intentions and thoughts independent of our own with only a few other species, including chimpanzees. Other regions involved in religious thought are ones used for language and metaphor.

Which Neil Gaiman interpreted this way, somewhat facetiously:

...that dolphins and whales have no belief in things deeper than themselves, that ants do not imagine a supreme colony at the centre of everything, and that my cats only believe in what they can see, smell, hunt and rub up against...

Which got me to thinking about my new superhero-god who must spend some time each day in the sea.

It's worth taking a look if you're lacking for story ideas.

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