planning ahead

One goal. One resolution.

Follow the Filofax.

I could yammer on about deadlines and submissions, but I think one rule is sufficient.

Follow the Filofax.

It's still the 12th day of Christmas yanno, so get off my back about 2009 already, Filofax.

I hate pencils except for drawing. So, if you're in the Filofax, you're in ink, and it's bloody well written in, well, ink. Like graven in granite, baby. Or like Sharpie on a new sweatshirt. It will happen.

But, you might wonder, what might happen to SS@S if Sex starts FingTF all religious-like? We-ell, not sure. Prolly might write some posts ahead. Might even get all organized and do an every-other-day schedule or something. Hell, I'm writing this one ahead, look at me! Okay, that's a lie. I'm writing it right now.

You're just reading it late, bwahahahaha!

Nah to all that. SS@S will probably just ramble on unimportantly, until I have something Important to say, which might then make this blog Stand Up And Take Itself Seriously.

But then, can a serious writer have a blog named Sex Scenes @ Starbucks? I dunno. Scalzi has "Whatever," and Gaiman has, "Neil Gaiman's Journal," so all the good names are already taken. Guess I'm stuck with that dumb name I picked out four years ago. I just wish I knew four years ago what I know now.

Not sure why though, it's not a deal more.

Question though, does anyone want me to start labeling my posts? Like, does anyone actually search this blog at all? And more importantly, are you ballsy enough to admit it? I really shouldn't, because you know I wouldn't be able to resist the obscure like "poop-smack" and "owls" and "sunglasses" and "big giant cocks." Which will surely get me major hits in the days to come!

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