christmas list

A Christmas List and Why It Makes No Sense.

1. An electric guitar with a LOUD amp.
WIMNS? Can't play. No real urge to learn.

2. A longboard with cool art.
WIMNS? Can't ride. No really good way to display it.

3. Ditto surfboard.

4. A sunroom.
WIMNS? I'd never go in there. I loathe being hot and stuffy. I'd just look at it from afar. Oh goody, lets go spend thousands of dollars for a room I can look at.

5. Tall fuck-me boots.
WIMNS? I'm short. Besides, I already got the hair.

6. Another dog.
WIMNS? Like I ever walk the one I already have.

7. More real plants.
WIMNS? Like I ever water the ones I already have.

8. A bigger kitchen.
WIMNS? Bigger kitchens mean more countertops to clean.

9. To be taller.
WIMNS? Why want what you can never have?

10. A torrid affair.
WIMNS? The sex would SO disappoint me.

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