mile hi con

Things are rocky at House Starbucks. Every member of the family is imploding at some level--even the dog, who's complaining at this very moment that she never gets enough walks. I am putting in extra mommy-duty time, and overtime at feeling ineffectual and frustrated. Going to the circus on Friday is the only thing I've got to offer as a consolation prize for a difficult week.

I rearranged my schedule in order to stay at the Mile Hi Con hotel all weekend. Bad news: I'm missing The Halloween Party. Good news: I'm on three panels. I'm talking on Architecture in Fantasy, Ghosts and Ghosthunting, and Sympathy for the Hero. I recommend this conference. For a fan con it's got a decent writers track, and it's more intimate than a lot of cons. We have regular attendees like Connie Willis and Carol Berg, as they're local writers. And, at $40 for the whole weekend, it's a bargain. GOHs include: Jim Butcher, Carrie Vaughn, Tim Powers, Patricia Briggs and artist Michael Carroll. Several of my friends and acquaintances are coming too: Leslie Smith, one of my fellow editors, and vampire writers Jeanne Stein and Mario Acevedo, to name a few.

Besides, you never know what you'll meet in the bar.

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