i'm awake i'm awake!

Back from the conference, and if I say it enough times, I'll stay awake. (I'm really typing this, right? I guess I can check tomorrow and see if I really did.) I had something like three hours of sleep each night, so it'll be a day or two before the synapses are firing under their own decaffeinated power.

My talk went well--really well. My prize (everyone has a prize and I have no books or devil ducks to give away, and my magazine is free) was a 30 page crit to the lucky winner. Since the presentation was on critiquing, it was appropriate. Anyway, I got lots of accolades, even from the very nice President of RMFW, and we all know how I'm a whore for accolades. Later this week I'll write a post using my outline over at the ElectricSpec blog so you know what I talked about. Some critiqueless folks appeared to make connections, so that's awesome.

I also did tons of networking and hanging with friends. Our own Jeanne Stein was Writer of the Year. She got a big blue "prize heifer ribbon" (Jeanne is very svelte and a generally wonderful person, but the ribbon really does look like something from the state fair) and a plaque and got to make a speech.
I met wonderful writers named Shirley Jump and the writerly sisters of PJ Parrish. They were all keynote speakers and really wonderful women, all. I was in charge of the hospitality suite, which mostly entailed ice duty and making good friends with the bellhops so they would help us with our many coolers of beer. Of course, the entire wait staff knew me since I spent so much time in the bar. Though I didn't really drink all that much.
I didn't.
Shut up.
Followed up the weekend with a Rapids game down the street from my hotel. We kicked ass 2-0 and hung out in the parking lot for a bit of tailgating. I was in bed watching Sons of Anarchy by 8. Interesting Hamletesque show. I think it still needs to grow into itself, but I have hopes. Whatever. Jax is hot.
I've been remiss in mentioning my new hangout spot. It's called Dennis Cass Wants You To Be More Awesome. We're discussing a theoretical dreamworld-without-queries. I posted my thoughts on branding and personal promotions, so take a gander. Not all of us have a sexy Irish accent or hot mug to flaunt, you know. Some of us actually have to work at it.

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