Worldcon is two days away and I'm swamped with prep. Posts will be few and far between (though I'm going to post from the event) so enjoy this one. Make it last. And don't forget to floss.

I had an adventure a day over the weekend. I've only time to tell one. My dog got attacked by another dog.

In Grand Lake, several local dogs run free. In fact, most dogs are unleashed, despite an actual leash law, and follow their folks everywhere, including into the Lariat. There are about 3.4 dogs per capita anyway, and everyone feels they must bring sweet little Killer with them on vacation. When the attack happened, down on the beach, I could have spun in a circle and counted no less than 15 dogs.

But this idiot chick thought it would work to let her dog go unleashed.

Yes, she gave as good as she got. We're fine: just a few scratches on our muzzle, chest, and pride. And fighting plum wears out a tough doggie. But blood made an appearance, so we're visiting the doctor today to make sure.

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