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I was nominated TWICE for this in the past two weeks but could not blog about it because of technical difficulties. They come by way of Written Wyrd and Stephen Parrish. (Thank you, both, very much.) This is an interesting award in that it celebrates powerful writing, which to me is the essence of what good writing is. The nomination requires that you write three things about writers and writing.

Words can make you breathe hard, break a sweat, long for release, anger you, give you joy, cause you to glance over your shoulder, turn your stomach, or make you laugh. Words can build weapons or bridges. Writing is a medium like no other. This is the power of what we do, every day. A hefty responsibility we bear in wielding that blade, to our craft and to our readers and to our friends.

I started SEX SCENES on the suggestion of a good friend. I came to the Internet unprepared for the tidal wave of blogging, and I've counted the Web as one of my favorite corner pubs ever since. I have friends whom I only know by their words. Think about that for a moment. Think of the power the printed word can wield. I have seen writers encouraged and lovers brought together and people lifted from despair. Hope abounds on the Internet. Think of the love and support and friendship people have given and recieved through electronically printed words.

It's a staggeringly beautiful thing.

I've never heard Conduit's sexy Irish accent. I've never hugged my friend Jack or kissed Greg's cheek. I've never seen Goblin's face. I don't even know Wyrd's real name. And yet they're buddies of mine--good friends, some of them. I know people on the Internet who, should we meet, would greet me with open arms (and an open bottle of wine). I've met blogging friends, shared that bottle of wine, and made even better friends.

And talking about this now is perfectly timed with Christmas, because here in Pajamaland, we've created friendship of the greatest sort because it's centered on the giving. Anyone who blogs knows it's not nearly as much about the taking as it is about the giving. Anyone who writes at all knows pouring one's soul out on the page is always about the giving.

My nominees:

Alex Keto for managing to deliver poignancy, modesty, common sense, and assiduity, all topped with giggles, especially via his pictures.

Electra of Crapometer for giving orphan writers a nurturing home.

Emily at Collecting Raindrops for being my RL friend and baring her soul so eloquently.

Nathan Bransford for serving up a dose of reality and hope in every post.

Congratulations. You can collect your award here.

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