a day in the life of sex


Hit snooze. Dream of affection from husband.

"The kids get up in five minutes."

Actually up.

Shower. Use your imagination.

To school and all the chaos that entails.



“Maliquium’s going to kill me, isn’t he?” he asked softly.

“No, because he has to get through me first.” Jason held out his fist. “Savvy, soldier?”

After a hesitation, Aidan bumped his cousin’s knuckles. "Yeah, I guess so.

“Come on. Even demon-spawn have got to eat.”

Phone call.

More writing.

They were in a particularly dense spot. Anyone could come upon them without warning. Aidan’s skin tingled with unease as his cousins fussed over their handheld. A burning started in his chest, like a coal had sparked inside his heart. But it felt ghostly, like phantom pain in a missing limb. He lifted his hand to his mouth and felt his own exhale. Normal. Not too hot.

Quick mall trip. Girl in Restoration Hardware tries to make stilted conversation because "corperate" is obviously in-house today. Yawn.

Girl-child decides to take Hannah-dog for a walk. In the house. Knocks over a wine-bottle-candelabra. Candles scatter. Bottle doesn't break. (It will next time--glass only has two lives at best.) Ripped dog-tag ring.

Hannah-dog loses all her tags.

Gathers tags from beneath bed.

Short prayer thanking God and all the Arch-Angels they're not in the yard.

Re-installs tags on only ring I can find.

Ring happens to have a bottle-opener on it.

Pause for thought.



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