happy summer

I am reading Conduit's book. It's very good, excellent for an early draft. It has its issues, but at heart it's an engrossing read chock full of clever ideas, wrong turns, and conflict. I have to finish it this weekend because I leave for Chicago in less than a week.

I'm thinking a lot about conflict lately (got a bit of my own in RL, too). I like Anne Lamont's quote: If your wife locks you out of the house, your problem is not with the door. (Or something thereof). With this in mind, I'm plotting a short story. I know, me, actually plotting something. Get out! Gone is my impetuous youth. Next thing you know, I'll be cleaning house before company comes and packing a week ahead for trips.

Mystery seems to be sneaking into my repoirtoire of short stories. Cross genre stuff seems to be hot, lately, but the short story markets are so flacid I don't know if they can take the thrill. No wonder all the genre rags' sales are way down.

In other news, two days after I officially reach middle age, I'm going to see Marilyn Manson and Slayer in concert. So there.

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