If anyone needs a great book to read to a kid, or for a gift, take it from a former teacher that the Skippy Jon Jones books are the most fun! Even if you don't have a kid to give it to, buy it, take it home, curl up by the fire, and read it to your cat. They have everything kids books should: kids being themselves, parents resigned to the fact, and fantastical adventures into the great world of imagination.

Winter Park opens Saturday. I decided to go with a season pass this year because lift tix are 79 bucks a day. A day, people. I boarded 10 times last year so I can't afford not to get one. It'll be awesome, running over there for the morning, no pressure on packing in as much as I can get in a day. My board pretty much lives on the car all winter.

Friday night is the Indulgers at the pub, and we're staying the night two blocks away at the Boulderado on account it's PHF's birthday and I thought he deserved to stay up late drinking and then sleep late with no childus interuptus. The mum is here to hold down the homestead in the meantime.

My twins are currently cresting a mountain at 13,000 feet on snowmobiles, on the run from the father they didn't know they had and a demon they think is a figment of their uncle's imagination. Speaking of sledding, check these guys out. We're putting a big Slednecks sticker on my jeep for the winter. Just so they know who we're rootin' for at the XGames in Aspen.

Yeah, I'm going to that, too.

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