I had such a great conference, though not in ways I expected. I met several famous and up-and-coming authors and even hung out with one who I admire so much, Carol Berg. What a genuinely nice person!

We spread the word about Electric Spec. I am so excited about our new issue. Someone asked me what I thought of editing and was it a lot of work and I said it's like a new baby: they are a lot of work, but once they're there you can't imagine your life without them. We're going to meet soon to discuss ways to promote readership for the zine, though at 100,000 hits a month we're thrilled. Next up: Mile High Sci Fi Con, which is supposed to be a blast.

I realized how fortunate I am to have my crit group, which seems to take us all to new levels in leaps and bounds. So many writers are going it entirely alone. I recall those stagnating days. I can't imagine writing a book without them. Speaking of, I need to get to my subs tonight so g'night.

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