there's a picture...

My mom used to say when I was young that I only ever should be embarrassed by someone in my immediate family. This was convenient because my cousins were always coming round and saying and doing the most awful, ludicrous things (and, should you think it was only them, then don't; they thought the same of me).

All this is moot though, because as I'm in my immediate family I suppose I should be embarrassed. For the time being I'm blogging over at MySpace. IknowIknowIknow... shut up. Where Greg leads, I follow. He's at MySpace. He says us old folks are revered over there. He gets all these comments. Frankly, I'm sick of the hits over here with no comments. You all just take and take and take. Ok, not all, but many of you... people from other countries googling "sex with coffee fetishes" and coming up with my blog.

So, well, shit. Come on over and take a gander. And yeah, there's a picture of sorts.

Shut up, Jack.

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