inxs in review

To those of you who like to read:

ElectricSpec, our new ezine, has gone live. Thanks and kudos to the wonderful staff of editors (myself excluded on this issue) and the wonderful writers. A personal favorite is "Stanley Kubric Channels Cheech and Chong" by Bruce Gordon. The rest are great, too.

We've been getting impressive stories from all over the world, so stay tuned for our spring issue as well!

To those of you who turned down our extra tickets:


You missed your chance to party with moi. You could have met rock stars who wear giant sunglasses inside and at night. You could have gotten yelled at for being too rowdy at the concert. You could have no voice today. You, too, could have given an entire rock band your cold.

To those of you who are not in the know:

INXS is back on tour with a new lead: JD, who won a reality show that PHF, unbeknownst to me, watched faithfully in cold and lonely hotel rooms during his traveling days last fall. I saw the last episode only and said about JD, "Well, there's your man."

"No, no, Marty will win," PHF said. "He's skinny, but he can sing and he's all rock star."

"He's good," I admitted, "But JD's your dude. He's got... something. I dunno. Sex appeal."

When JD won PHF was sooooo mad!

JD was hoarse, almost as hoarse as me, but he put on a great show. The old guys rocked out just fine. I did really enjoy Marty and the Lovehammers, and I am currently enjoying their new album. Admittedly Marty and the Lovehammers is a stoooopid (d-u-m, dumb) name. Marty is all rock star, and the image holds even up close and personal. I'd have to describe their sound as a more cheerful Nickelback; his voice is at least as strong and good. How that skinny body produces such a voice, I dunno. Of course, seeing less of his ass-crack wouldn't hurt my feelings.

I would see both bands again, which is more than I'd say for REM these days, unfortunately, and I wish I'd spent the hundred bucks to be on the floor.

To a good friend who's having a rough day:

It will be ok. We're all here.

And finally, to a bestest friend who checked in on me yesterday when I was down:

Thanks and love.

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