the invitation is in the mail

I'm having this rockin' Christmas party pretty soon and I'm a tad late on getting out invites. My Yahoo account, which I have had lo these many years, suddenly sucks the big wang. Any button having anything to do with sending an outgoing email has ceased to operate. They go clicky-clicky- CLICKY CLICKY!!, but no matter how many times I punch at it with my mouse, nothing happens. Bastards! Anyway, so now I have this nifty new gmail account (yes, yes, I'm tre hip, I know--though not as cool as you early beta types--you know who you are) and I'm switching everything over.

One chick I invited in person because I didn't have her email addy. Emailing always has its complications. She responded via email to my old account that if I needed a good invite program I might try Evite.

Allow me to be defensive for a minute, since it's Be Condescending To Sex Day.

First of all, since when is inviting someone to a party in person inferior to an "Evite", or any other kind of invitation? I know, I know, engraved. But that's for weddings and precocious sorts of parties, not my annual holiday bash.

I'm so cool, so with-it, that I've got a blog and a g-mail account. Of course I know about Evite. I know all about fucking Evite. I choose not to use it because my attitude toward email is this: quick and to the point. If I have to click a link on your email to give me pertinent info, then something's wrong with the process.

I don't need advertising-laden Evite to set up a fucking Christmas party, thank you very much. I sure as hell don't need them to give me ideas for party themes. I went to college, I got a lifetime of party theme ideas.

I know lots of people like it because it keeps track of RSVPs, and I think they have the notion that people won't be so reluctant to RSVP (or whatever people's aversion to responding is--wouldn't want to commit either way, would ya?) Sorry, rude people are rude and then they're rude some more. Likely, if they have to click more than one button to RSVP, they won't do it. Hell, they prolly weren't gonna do it anyway.

I don't quite know what it is, but Evite has always annoyed me. Everytime one of those envelopes arrive in my inbox I cringe. People use it for fucking playdates now, and get-togethers of three for coffee. I belonged to a mom's club for a few years and every scheduled event had a fucking evite attached to it.


Not that it's keeping me from coming to the parties, mind you. Just sayin' is all.

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