hit me

Now that I am perusing author/writing/literary/agent blogs I always have to explain my name. It goes something like this,

Wait! Please don't ban me from your site before reading the rest of my comment, I'm actually a real person, NOT a sick spammer.

SS@S currently resides at:

Number thirty-six on yahoo search for Sex.

Number eight on MSN search for ss sex. Is this sex for Nazis?

Number seven on MSN search for sex me.

Number four on MSN search for http//sex com my. Shouldn't that be sex.cum?

Number three on MSN search for free sex scenes. Well, hell, I'm not giving it away.

And yes, Sex Scenes at Starbucks is...

...Number ONE on Yahoo and on MSN for sex scenes!!!!!!!!!!

I just don't know what to say to this unanticipated honor. Thank you yahoo and msn for leading countless weird... er, men, to my virtual doorstep. Sniff, sniff. OMG, I'm going to cry. Ok, ok, I'd also like to thank my husband for his support, my friends Greg and Jack for christening me Sex, my dog Hannah... really, you guys are the greatest... I couldn't have achieved all this without you.

But, seriously, shall I include my stats in my letters to agents?

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