this just in from our foreign news desk

Ok, is this a new low in commercials or is it something else? I don't know, but I'm thinking it's a "chatvertisement".

ladyblover2000: hi r u on line?
ssss6xxxx : um, yeah. who are you?
ladyblover2000: yassi from dubai
ssss6xxxx : oookayyy
ssss6xxxx : have we met?
ladyblover2000: so how r u
ssss6xxxx : fine
ssss6xxxx : how are you?
ladyblover2000: do u mind chating
ladyblover2000: fine thank u
ssss6xxxx : I've got a minute
ssss6xxxx : but I have to go soon
ladyblover2000: k
ladyblover2000: i just wana some pic of u if u do not mind
ssss6xxxx : um, nope. don't play that game
ladyblover2000: wut game?
ssss6xxxx : sending pictures over the internet. I'm not desperate, and I'm married
ladyblover2000: i respect but i got u from Push-Button Publishing
ssss6xxxx : I don't even know what that is
ladyblover2000: so i thought u do not mind but no problem i respect ur wish
ladyblover2000: i am searching by google i can send u a link if u want
ssss6xxxx : eh, don't bother. I'm not that interested. I got to go anyway
ladyblover2000: thanks
ladyblover2000: bye

Feel free to write ladyblover2000 and say, well, whatever you like. Perhaps you have an exciting new operating system or cell phone plan to offer.

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