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I'm getting a new phone, apparently whether I want one or not.

For the past few years I've had "the worst phone I ever adored", which is a line stolen from BB, who also once loved the same phone. It doesn't ring loud enough. It's impossibly tiny, annoyingly so; even my hobbit-sized fingers hit the wrong button on occassion. It doesn't even take pictures. Yeah, I know. I'm so old school, get with the new millenium, and all that.

But my old phone is just so damnably cute. It's got rounded, girly edges, and it's got buttons that light up neon blue. It fits into my pocket without unsightly bulges and it feels oh so nice against my hip when it vibrates.

But PHF is getting a Treo so I must take his old phone, of which mine is a precurser, and be grateful. This feels a bit like de ja vu all over again. I'm pretty sure my present phone was HIS phone before he "needed" the better version... hey, wait a minute...

Maaan, some day when I'm a high power author...

[pause for laughtrack]

with stuff on my calendar besides Halloween Party and swim lessons and Bunco, I'll need some high-falutin' phone with calendar and email capability.

Some day.

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