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The doggles had her surgery. For those of you squeamish types (pussies!) just skip on down to the next paragraph. What they did was go into her destroyed hip and, with a very expensive rotary saw, saw off the ball joint and remove some of the damaged cup of the socket. Once the swelling goes down and the staples (ten, and yes they are metal and rather gruesome) come out and her hair grows back that side should look more like the other. It's already smoother because the crushed hip that kind of jutted out to the side was trimmed down. She is doing wonderfully, sleeping and eating and is her old sweet self. I also caught her laying on that side out in the grass, which she's never done before (never meaning in the three weeks we've had her, you understand). She made friends with all the techs and vets in the lab and I've been told countless (ok, well, like four) times how they all love her. I am also constantly congratulated on "taking her in" since she was "defective." She's not defective, she's differently-abled, and she's our dog. She is meant to be with us and we are thrilled and very fortunate to have her.

I have submitted four short things in the past two weeks, including a poem--yes, I actually wrote a poem once, and yes, I'll come boo-hooing to you when they all get rejected. But at least I'm doing something. Sigh.

I did manage to plot out my sixth book over the weekend. Weird to know where things are going with this one, and the main character is a girl, too. Can't help but wonder if it will be as much fun to write. But should she marry Adethk at the end or not?? Just dunno. So it's not all set in stone, I guess. Hah, that's what I should call it. "Set in Stone."

I've been doing this fun thing with a friend of mine. It's called the SCA-- which is the Society for Anachronism. They recreate the Middle Ages (pre 1600, so they stretch it a bit, but whatever) with dress and fights and archery and food, etc. They even got cute knights in armor that whack the crap out of each other and everything. I did this back in school years ago and thought it was fun then; now it seems a tad more serious and involved, what with the prevelance of the internet and stuff. But all those Knights... yeah. Those Knights. Anyway, Saturday is Crown Tournement to fight over who gets to be the next king, so not only will there be tons of fighting, which I love to watch, the fighting at this Tourney will be very good. It's like lacrosse, only without the ball and goals, you know. They really do go at it.

It's up in Laramie and I am determined not to bitch about the price of gas. People got worse problems.

Jack is back, and pissier than ever. Go say hi or whatever.


Why O Why is brownie mix more delicious than the brownies themselves? And Why does Irish whiskey seem to go with everything? Why, Santa Claus? Why?

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