monkey say, monkey do

Things my little Monkey said at lunch and following trip to mall. Remember, she's 3.

"HEY! Red Robin! I'm over here!" (To teenager dressed up like restaurant mascot, of course.)

"But I don't need to go to the bathroom!" My return was closely followed by, "I need to go poop."

"Look! There's a superhero!" (Saw a kid in a cape.)

"Your toes are beautiful, Mommy!"

"I love your shirt." (Well, it is cute.)

Me: "I bought you those (absurdly expensive and adorable Oil Lilly) shoes."
Her, shaking head vehemently: "I don't like them."
Me, rapidly rising frustration entering my tone: "You said you did."
Her: "I don't."
Me, thinking quickly on my feet: "Will you wear them if I give you candy?"
Her: "I love those shoes."

And she gave the cute boy who works at Abercrombie one of those face in the crotch hugs. She loves boys, especially the cute teenage kind.

The apple never falls far from the tree, I guess.

Funny comments made by someone I hope will be a new friend at The Lad's soccer game this morn. (2-1 our very own Emerald Forrest Green Dragons, thank you for asking).

We introduced ourselves. She's Barbie, I'm (Sex). "Well, don't we just have the cutsy names." (Some of you know my name, some don't. Suffice it to say my name is not my favorite thing about myself. I thnk I actually prefer Sex, or what PHF calls me, except he won't let me tell anyone else because it's his own name for me and that's that.)

Scene: Kid on our team dribbling expertly toward goal (last year we were undefeated. We're seriously pretty good.) Barbie: "Kick it Kick it Kick it..." We all go silent as darling little girl goalie from other team dives for ball, "Stop kicking!" We all yelled, imagining teeth flying.

It came out ok, all teeth intact. Barbie turns to me. "I guess it's ok, they're all baby teeth anyway."

I added, "Well, and she's a twin, so they've got a replacement." We about died laughing. Someone with a good sense of humor is a valuable commodity. I'm sitting next to her at every game from now on.

She said that we should start bringing Bloody Marys and Fuzzy Navels to the games. I agreed, saying it would take the edge off my hangover. We were saying that whoever supplies snack for that game should bring it. I have snack next Saturday.
Dare me??

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