i feel an evil, sleepy grin coming on...

I know I know I know I should be working. But I get 2 1/2 hours at Starbucks tomorrow uninterupted with tea and punkin bread and Ipod... so I'll work then.

As for tonight: I'm blog surfing.

Post titles/content reported in order of appearance:

Granny Sex. Old Lesbian Sluts!

The next one commited three cardinal sins: Such and Such's blog (who can remember the dorkus's name?) a picture (fuuuugly) and a favorable reference to country music.

P.r.i.n.c.e.s.s I.n F.a.i.r.y.l.a.n.d

Explorer User Prompt to see blog, something along the lines of: "Define Love and I might let you in."

http://IloveChrist.blogspot.com (no link, if you read me you won't want to go.)
This is a church youth group's blog. While I'm sure they are noble in deed and intent, the church really has no business letting these impressionable teenagers muck around in our sin-filled, gory, rated R-X Internet. Jebus, next they'll make us replace simple swear words with G**damn F***ing HTML!

Post consisting of "Bored."
While a clever deviation from the oft used "I'm bored"...

A stay at home mom who states explicitly that her son is the most important thing in the world to her. I think the URL even consisted of some variation of this statement.
Several issues with this:
1.What's your husband- meat on a stick?
2. A son is not a "thing."
3. And well, no shit, Sherlock. I think I could have figured that one out on my own. But thanks for making it reeeeal clear for me.
Issues with the blog at large: her post was about her tummy troubles (yeah, bathroom trips were mentioned - eeeuuuuwwww!) and her son got into the markers while she had the squirts. Gee, a two year old writing on the walls with markers while mommy is otherwise engaged. Original idea, that. Never happened to any of the rest of us 6,008,674,657,657 parents in the world. Her links were to her other blogs: one on "Kitchens" and one on "Gardening."
This is the sort of woman who gives the rest of us moms a bad name. WE ARE NOT BORING! We aren't! Really!! And we are damn good in bed and you'd be lucky to have us. (Ok, well, I can't speak for everyone else, of course.)

"Meditations on a Young Man's Life."
I get all the meditations of this sort that I need from Greg, Krypto, Jack, the other Jack, and Jason.
The one and only post title was "Mediocrity."
Says it all, don't it?

And finally I leave you with this gem: Teddy bear pic, music, so many boxes I couldn't find a post (I'm sure it was something on boring, undone homework), and random capital letters in the text.

Buh-bye. What part didn't you get? The buh? Or the bye?


Greg said...

I never get bored of your critiques on other people's blogs. Perhaps its your cool-headed nature as you point out how retarded other people are. I can't be calm and cool-headed in the face of retardedness, but then again, you get to have sex more or less whenever you want.

Vadergrrrl said...


I love it and YOU!

Cant wait to meet you soon.


se7en said...

Nice place, funny post, thanks for making me smile!