my dumb-ass website

My dumb-ass website

Ok, y'all, I've done it. I've gone and made a wee website for my books.
The only featured one is Taming the Tiger, the second in the series. But you can get the gist of what I'm doing from the coupla chapters I put on there.

You also get to learn (part of) my real name, though there ain't and never will be pictures because I just hate that. (Ok, maybe once I sell a book and if the publisher wants me to I might put on a sassy short skirt and pose.)

And since you pretty much know where I live and what I drive from this blog, NO STALKERS!! Email me or leave me a comment here, and if it's real nice, I might just post it on the site.

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GoodKing Alan said...

Does saying "No Stalkers" usually work? Wish I'd known for one of the exes..