go google yourself silly

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Since I'm putting off a difficult torture sequence for the book; yep, still not done as if you can't tell by all the comments on your blogs; I've been entertaining myself by Googling folks I know. Not the most original way to pass the time, I realize, but I'm tired tonight. I need something brainless.

The man had four actual sites, all conferences. One was in Paris. I didn't go. Stupid, stupid...

One of his buddies, the elusive BB, rocked in with 849 results, though his name can be mistaken for a place as well as a person (yeah, go figure) so I'm not sure how many were legit. My attention span is not big enough at the moment to sort through it. No legit results for his wife, but I got something about a waterfall. (?)

The chick I went out with the other night with all the good stories had 1150! Shit! She gets around.

Me? Oh. Just one.

Yeah, I'm a loser.

Boy, I just read that first paragraph. I looooove run-ons! (Hooray for parentheses!) I won't even bother consulting Strunk and White. It's wrong, so wrong... (Mr. Krypto, care to diagram it?)

cheers and goodnight


Krypto said...

I am incapable of diagramming a sentence. No one ever learned me. (seriously!)

sex scenes at starbucks said...
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