letters to the editor

I've no idea how many readers from the magazine I've got over here, since most of you are too chicken or lazy to comment, but I'm throwing up what I like to see in a cover letter for submissions. This is the jist of my favorites:

Dear Editor:

I'm submitting "title" for consideration in Electric Spec. The story runs "xxx" words, and is previously unpublished. This is / is not a simulataneous submission.

My short fiction has appeared in X, Y, and Zines. (Credits are not neccessary for publication; we look at stories, not credits.)


Writer's actual name

Some other magazines have other requirements like paypal account addresses and bios and stuff like that. I keep all of that in my signature and then delete it per the magazine requirements. We just ask for word count and that you own rights to your work.

Ok, back to the red-scribbled pages of Hinterland...

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