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I've submitted items for auction at Con or Bust. When I get links and deets they'll post here and everywhere. Con or Bust helps support diversity at cons. You can read more about it here. You also can submit items for auction too!

I'm going to be at Mary Robinette Kowel's blog today talking about my favorite bit of Emissary.

I've gotten contacted by a few folks looking for Emissary in B&N. I've been told by stores they are ordered, but scheduled a bit late? No idea why... we'll see what happens. It does help to ask; it helps me and it helps the book and it helps you get the book. :)

I had a thing happen last night. Briefly met a hardwood floor guy (we're doing lots o' remodeling this summer so expect bitching and moaning until it's finished; I'm a homebody) and he was not white. The event is rare enough here where I live (I don't have demographics, but seriously, I go actual days without seeing a POC) and I instantly had this surreal urge to give him the business. He also was young, and I like to support both. But what's strange, and kind of wonderful, is that I had the sense of sea-tide in my thinking and habits, which means brain chemistry. I spend a lot of time talking diversity, right? So my brain is getting trained to spot it and encourage it. You can change your thinking, your literal frame of mind, just by practice. I've done it before on purpose. But this time there's not been much meta-cognition around it; it's just happening. Cool. Actually, for me, it felt a bit like stretching and contracting muscle memory. Because I used to work with diverse kids so much and I lived in a prejudiced area, I had to acknowledge and overcome (to my best ability) my own prejudices.

And a final note: I get a METRIC SHIT TON of requests to support kickstarters and the like, both requests for financial support and publicity. I very rarely do either, and it's my choice when I do. Being asked almost guarantees a no unless we are good analog friends and I get so many requests there's no way for me support even half or a quarter of them. And honestly, I'm not sure I'm all into the public backing gig. I'm not against it, per se, but something about it rubs me wrong and I haven't had time nor inclination to dig into why. I just tend to leave it at, "It works for others. Cool." Anyway, I suppose I should start a policy page or something.

Last note, for realz, I am planning on revamping and moving the website at some point this year, so there hasn't been a ton of updating and probably won't be.

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