juice and books

So Simply Orange Juice isn't really that simple or even, maybe, actually made of oranges. It's got these things called flavor packs... oh hell, just go read the article.

Here's another article about juices that apparently don't have all the bad stuff in them. Not sure why I care because I don't really ever drink OJ often. Oh yeah, the family does. That must be it.

I suddenly found myself with a bunch of time to read and almost that very day my friend Stuart sent me the ARC of his latest book Those We Left Behind, which I think is his best, most innovative novel since Ghosts of Belfast. Two days later I'm almost finished with it. It's not out (June 26 in England, September 22 for US) but my husband already did its first review:

"Five stars. This book kept me up half the night and I'm not even reading it."

Speaking of, my husband has to work on St Patrick's day and that night too and that sucks because he even has an Irish name and a Guinness shirt I just washed to have ready. Sheesh.

Tomorrow is THREE WEEKS until Emissary comes out and there's this thing called pre-orders which actually super-duper helps writers and books do well. There's all these links right here to buy a copy from wherever you like best!

Currently, I'm writing guest blog posts and complaining about it, but feeling kind of guilty for complaining because people like me well enough to let me commandeer their blog for a day when I hardly ever commandeer my own very often. Total first world writer problem. I'm also working on a first chapter excerpt for my website.

Enemy is coming together nicely. Not quick, but far easier than I expected, which means something is desperately wrong with the book. Oh well. Nothing a bit of green beer can't patch up.  I'll be in Denver at Fado tomorrow for all you stalker types.

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