I've barely slept off Vegas and I'm off to AnomalyCon this weekend! Here's my schedule. As usual, if I'm not on a panel, I'll be in the bar. My books will be for sale in the bookshop, as well. BTW, CORY DOCTOROW is going to be there! (fans self)

6 pm Traditional vs Indie Publishing
Pitfalls and advantages of each

7 pm  Closing the Loop
Editing and re-editing, how do you know when the book is ready for an agent? 

10 am  Fisticuffs and Flamethrowers
Why are we fascinated with martial arts and swords?

11 am Why is this all so familiar?
Why are so many fantasy stories set in "medieval Europe?"

12 noon Writing Characters of Impact
Women, QUILTBAG, POC: changing the tropes (it's not just about strength)

2 pm Women are Ruining SF
Mary Shelley invented Science Fiction, so why are women regarded as ruining it?

9pm Is This a Kissing Book?
Romance in SF -- does it make it "women's fiction" and does it ruin it? How do we integrate it?

11 am Voices in My Head
Is writing a choice or a compulsion?

1 pm Trope Troperiffic
Stereotypes and common themes, when are they okay and when are they tired?

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