social media wishlist

In no certain order:

  • Screw you and all your weirdo spammers and creepers. Go away now.

  • Customized feed wherein I pick only the people I want to see. The ads don't bother me nearly as much as the algorithm that constantly tosses posts my way I have no interest in. It's always been shit for marketing and reach (I mean, server space doesn't cost that much... I've never understood why it's so poor) so I use it primarily to hang with friends and look at pretty pictures of houses. 
  • Reeling back on using PMing for business talk. (erg, I'm guilty of that today. Should have emailed. My bad.)
  • A feed that goes in order of appearance with zero backtracking just because someone posted a comment. I'll hit it up in my notifications if I'm interested, thanks. 

  • Just... just calm down. Chill pill, dude. You know I love you but settle the fuck down.
  • Posts that make sense. There's so much on there I don't get, like I'm jumping in the middle of a conversation, which sometimes I am but which sometimes I'm definitely not because Twitter encourages #randomnonsensicalthoughts  
  • Hashtags mostly as jokes. 
  • Closed groups or way to organize feed into different threads. Sure, I know, there are apps.
  • Apps that actually WORK in organizing my feed into different threads

  • Stop being so happy. At least have one frowny day a week. How about Monday?
  • MOAR NSFW PICTURES (hey, you promised!)

  • Um. Hello? Anybody there?
  • tsū ... Say again?
  • I'll bid 500 for a capital T, Alex.

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