facebook mehs

I took a bit of a hiatus (broken a couple of times for Important Announcement Stuff--yanno, like the Broncos beating the Raiders, tee hee) from Facebook over the holidays. I lurked some, liked some, but mostly I cut it way back. I cut the habit. I'm reading more. All good for me.

Despite having one of the more interesting Facebook feeds (my friends rock) it still gets on my nerves to read it. I want it to be about my friends--their kids, their pups and kittehs, their successes and struggles, their books, even the yummy thing you had for dinner. But despite my own constant adjustments and unfollows, the algorithm gives me news items, meh memes, incessant soundbitish socio-cultural analysis and commentary, and the holiday-de-jour (lately it's all resolutions, of course). It's not even giving me the decor pictures from the many pages I follow anymore. It's also not news that it's an absolutely terrible promotion tool.

To that end, I'm continuing to cut down on it this year. Though I'm available for contacting there, I greatly prefer email (listed on my contact page). I'll still follow my groups and pages (I wish there was a way to have a complete feed of ONLY groups and pages) and cross posting is still going happening.

In general, I expect to become more a user/poster on social media in the coming year and much less a consumer/follower, because I have books to write, EMISSARY to promote, thoughts to think, and teenagers to raise. :)

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