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It's been a crazy fall with edits on EMISSARY. The book drops February 3 so keep an eye on my appearances page. I'm super excited for the book; the cover by John Stanko is amazeballs and it'll be interesting to see how this sequel/sophomoric effort of mine is received. ARCs are out to reviewers and as soon as I get the go-ahead I'll do a cover reveal. It's on my phone, so if you see me in person I can give you a sneak peak. My personal tagline for the book has been: Once a Exile, now a Prince, Draken must return home under threat of death as an Emissary.

The third title in the Seven Eyes series is ENEMY, on which I'm working from the rather cliche tagline Everything you thought you knew about the Enemy is wrong.  It's turning into a twisty-turny sort of book, which is fun. I'm not getting nearly enough words in though, so I'm going to get a bit hermatish over the winter.

My agent Sara Megibow has hung her own shingle! Megibow Literary Agency is launched; the website will be up and running soon. I couldn't be happier for her and of course I signed with MLA. I will miss my friends at Nelson Literary Agency. Their support has been invaluable, especially during the Night Shade sale, and I've met so many great authors through there. But really it's Sara who has nurtured my career and is so excited about my stories, and it's Sara who will continue to handle most of my business transactions. Her updated contact information is on my About page.

ARCHIVE OF FIRE is sadly going out of print at the end of the year. Right now the eBook is $4 on Kindle and similar prices elsewhere, and below is a passel of links. Get it while you still can. I adore Aidan and Kaelin, they are my first writing love. There will be more of their stories eventually, this I promise. Whether I find a press to take the series or self-publish has yet to be determined, but I will own full rights as of January 1, 2015, so if you have interest, let me or Sara know. I am also in "talks" with a couple folks and I'll let you know SENTINEL's future as soon as I know.

Here's where you buy through the end of 2014:

Trade Paperback and eBook

TOUR 2015 is under works but it will be full! full! full!! Keep an eye on my Tour page.

I just signed up for Ask the Author on Goodreads, too. I'm not around Goodreads much, so I'm hoping this will spur my interest in it more. So, yanno, ask!!

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