world fantasy schedule

World Fantasy Convention is this week, and while it's mostly a professional sort of event where I see lots of friends and do lots of business over drinks, some fans and newer writers do attend. It's a great spot to get a handle on the Fantasy genre as a whole, from story to selling.

My schedule is light so far (generally attendees get one spot of programming or a reading) but it tends to fill up. And if you're just in the DC area, feel free to look for me in the hotel bar. I'll be there when I'm not attending programming or other meetings. Mostly the evenings are about parties, but I have some readings I want to hit and we tend to slip in and out of the bar all night, too.

Wednesday late afternoon arrival. My first stop after getting settled is the bar and I might've agreed to dinner with someone but I've forgotten who so if it's you, find me there.

Thursday is blessedly free, though I'll go to some programming. I might find a buddy and sneak      away to the city. Never been to DC.

Friday Agency Dinner off-site
Friday 8ish MASS SIGNING
            My publisher says they'll have books for me to sell.
            Plus: swag
            Double Plus: ME!

Saturday 8:30-10 am SFWA meeting
Saturday 2-3 NIGHT SHADE TABLE signing/appearance

Sunday Home, but not until mid-afternoon so I'll be hanging out.
Sunday night collapse

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