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A few things of note, and I know I'm late on a lot of this on account I was on vacation. YAY VACATION.

Ahem. Yes, I'm back now. And dignified.


My first press, Whiskey Creek Press, has sold to Start Media. You might recall that name from the Night Shade deal--they're the folks who handle(d) the eBooks for EXILE and EMISSARY, while Skyhorse handles the editing, processing, and print end of things.

My book LOST PRINCE isn't included in the sale as my contract met its term of license this month. The book is sadly going out of print, including eBook. Right now the links are still live, which  you can find on my Ainsley page. Additionally, ARCHIVE OF FIRE will go out of print at the end of the year. While disappointing, the books are three years old, which is a good lifespan. Maybe someday I'll self-publish or resell them, but as of yet, I've no immediate plans to continue these series.

In the meantime I have lots of other cool plans.

~~~The EXILE paperback promo is in full Force~~~

(I'm unable to write Force without capitalizing)

If you want a book for review, please contact me at betsydornbusch @ gmail . com
I will either send you one or have my publisher send you one.

I have been several places on the Internetz lately:

I wrote about the Three Things I've Learned from Writing Fantasy for SF Signal.
I talked about Writing The Other  at Bibliophilic
My Bookish Ways was kind enough to do an interview. They are tremendously supportive of the series. :)
At Fantastical Imaginations I discuss the Gender Gap in EXILE.
Only the Best SFF hosted my piece on my Writing Process, such as it is.

~~~Forthcoming dates~~~ 

A post at Fantastical Imaginations
An interview and review at Rising Shadow
Bibliophilic wants to know What Inspired Osias?
Writing about writing for Savvy Authors

Check here and Facebook and Twitter for linkie-loos when they're available.

I've also added an actual, live appearance with me in some sort of clothing besides jammies to my schedule -- MALCon in Denver, August 8-10. I'm hoping for college kids at this one. Should be fun. Lots of friends are going.

~~~Goodreads giveaway~~~
 thanks to my publisher Night Shade Books


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