calendar, er, adjustment

I've added a new appearance to a fairly busy fall: happy hour at the Book Bar in Denver on September 13. I'm going to be there with Carol Berg, one of my favorite people and writers, and her book just happens to come out the month after EXILE's paperback.

I'll pimp more later but you can get in on the action by penciling this onto your calendar. Because BOOKS! FANTASY BOOKS!!

There will be half-priced drinks, too. Just sayin.

Can't remember if I mentioned I added MALCon to my schedule too. That's in August. I've never been so we'll just see how I like it. (disclaimer: I expect to like it very much)

Tour Page for deets. Checkit.

Also there's that Goodreads Giveaway of EXILE still going on until my BIRTHDAY!!

Okay, back to work. It's a #10KBAM week.

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