takin care of business

I'm arranging hotel reservations for the rest of my year's appearances. Click TOUR above to check 'em out. I regularly include concerts I'm attending and other cool events in case anyone wants to meet up.  (Plus I love live music and I love to promote bands!) I also will be adding some summer readings for the paperback version of EXILE coming in June. 

I always envisioned the life of a writer, but those dreams never, for whatever reason, included appearances. Boy was I wrong. I'm glad I am. I love going to cons, talking geek stuff, writing, meeting fans, and hanging out with my writer friends. I've even gotten my family into it now; they'll be attending three conventions with me this year, and they might crash my room at World Fantasy so they can take a look at Washington DC.

Also, I have copies of the inaugural issue of Child of Words, the Big Pulp magazine with my latest story Kingcrux in it. 

And EMISSARY has been announced. Yes, that's a mockup off EXILE'S cover... I'm sure the publicist just wanted something to put with the press release.  The book still has a long way to go; editing, cover, maps, copy editing, advance reviews... But so far I'm pleased with Skyhorse and the attention they're giving EXILE and EMISSARY.  Soon I'll announce the title of Book Three of the Seven Eyes but not until contracts are signed and such. :)

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