sophomore trenches

After finishing the year with some health stuff, loads of company, holidays, and lots of fun and rest, I've dug back into the trenches of EMISSARY. I've been asked to do several things lately but I'm not taking any more commitments or appearances prior to March 1. Truthfully, the rest of the year will be as crazy busy; I have a lot planned and the months slip by quickly.

EMISSARY is my longest book and has taken me the longest to write (in a fairly flat out writing style). I expect to be putting in 6-7 days weeks for the next several. The house will get dusty, the kids will eat frozen pizza, and my husband and friends will be neglected, but that mentality of putting most everything aside to delve into the Story is what it takes. Revising the book in a few months is taking all my skill and concentration and powers of confidence. (which should be something you can roll for, I guess. I feel like the Powers are there but I don't always have access to them. Fear is a shade that constantly follows me.)

I'm very much a sophomore author, again. Maybe we are all sophomore authors forever.

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RenataH said...

Naw, Bets, you won't be a sophomore author after you send this work in. And you will succeed in sending it in.

Winter time with its darkness and cold makes everything harder some days, but then there's sun and snow too.

Everything will be OK. You'll get it done.