an open letter to bayer


I bought the Bayer Advanced for my arthritic mother and we spent TWENTY MINUTES CUTTING THEM OUT OF THE FUCKING PACKAGE WITH SCISSORS. You should be ashamed of your packaging (of course we threw away most of it). 

I wish there was a product that worked better for her so  we could never buy BAYER again. Who does your marketing and packaging? Twenty-five-year-old men who never take your product??

If you have balls you'll answer this message AND change  your packaging to something more reasonable for someone who needs your 500 mg product.... someone like,  you know, an older arthritic woman. But I'm assuming you're just a big corporate asshole who won't answer nor change from your money-grubbing ways.

I triple-dog-dare you to prove me wrong.


Lisa Mashnouk said...

Betsy, I love the triple-dog-dare...let us know if they do reply?!?!

siebendach said...

Probably some knee-jerk overcompensating from fears of tampering. Honestly, can't they just stop when it gets apparent that the package has already been opened?

siebendach said...

And even scissors can be a trial for someone with arthritis

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

I know. It was ridonkulous. No response so far.