paperback in exile

I know, silly title but it sounds cool. Like, seriously. Rad name for a story. (all the kids are still saying rad, right?) Plus, my paperback version is stuck in the La La Land of Preorder, a mystical, fey place filled with hope and lots and lots of yawning and tiiiime, so the paperback feels like it's in exile... okay. I'm reaching. Sue me.

Old-timey Night Shade used to release the trade paperback (that's the bigger sized if you don't know (giggle referred to as TP for short! giggle) something like 8 months to a year after the hard back.  That's pretty standard industry wide. We-ll, as many of  you know, some things changed for NSB over the past year.  It's now an imprint of Skyhorse, and while things look very promising with those folks, I'm not all up and shit on how they do things.

Shall we speculate on behind-the-scene reasons for the timing? The hardback has been selling well so why mess with success? They know how to best sell books? Other Business Concerns? Hell, I only wrote the damn thing. I have no idea--no really!! NOTHING. I KNOW NOTHING. OWW QUIT PULLING OUT MY FINGERNAILS!!!

So, all that taken into account, my best guess is that a paperback will be available in 2014...sometime.*

This is good for a couple of reasons.
  • a newer, lighter, more inexpensive version! Woot! 
  • inexpensive paper versions tend to drive down eBooks pricing! also Woot!

---->Anyway, you can preorder here. <---- b="">

Fine Print:
*Amazon says July. It could be July. It could be January. It could be next November.**
** I'm sure it won't be next November.

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Natasha Fondren said...

For some reason, that title makes me think of that song by the Beatles, "Paperback Writer," lol. I sometimes listen to that while writing. :-)

Sometimes clients ask me timeline for everything, and I have to say that I have no idea... too many variables outside of my control, LOL. Suddenly a client has five rounds of post-production changes, or in the doing of their cover, they decide to hire a photographer and model, then have someone paint it, then hire and illustrator... just so many things.

I think it's good to let it take the time it needs. :-) Less stress. And a better book.