postcon wrap

WorldCon has come and gone. I have a few thoughts, just a few cuz I'm back home and in the writing saddle again.

1. Writers love love love when you put their books with their faces/names. Most of them love it even if they've been published forever and hear that all the time.  The ones who don't are asshats. Avoid them.

2. All the people I love on Twitter and FB are Even Better in person. I met so many great folks, started  new friendships. Yay! For an introvert this is a big deal. I don't tend to reach out much.

3. There's a right way and a wrong way to contact somebody you've just met after a con. Public ways are best: Facebook and Twitter. IMing is okay, if you introduce the conversation as: "Hey, loved meeting you at WorldCon this weekend." Just saying "hi"...not so much. There really is no other way to answer than than "hi." Which just drags it out, frankly.

4. SF is aging horribly. Chuck Wendig talks about it here. I know most people look at me and think I'm way younger than I am, but I think I was older than many of the folks I hung out with. Most of the bar crowd was over 40. This tells me it still takes a long time to get published and noticed.

5. Please please please come chat to writers if you are a reader or a new writer. Seriously, we don't bite and we love it! A reader came and sat with us at the DWA party and it was almost comical, we all wanted her attention so badly. Actually, it was a great conversation and she taught us to contact juggle. Many writers only know how to write, so we're easily impressed! We love tricks!

6. There was definite awareness of potential harassment, maybe a bit too much, like a teenager who overcompensates his cool. But it's working. Keep talking it up.

7. As much as I love everyone I saw, I was So Glad to get home, see the fam, and sleep in my own bed on Sunday. The parties looked epic though, so maybe next time I'll stay. :)

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