It might be a bit early to be talking about Worldcon, but it's on my mind. First up: no programming this year. At first I was frustrated; I was on four panels last year! And now I have the book out with another coming in the next six months or so. But I'm on a strict deadline so I will be grabbing some writing time. Woot!

AND, my schedule is filling up.

So far, roughly:

Arrive Wednesday afternoon. I've had several people want to meet up so I've started telling folks I'll be in the bar that night. When in doubt, that's the first place to look. Another way to contact me is through FB chat, which I've got set up on my phone (Sort of. I can't get the notifications to work. But I'll keep at it. New phone and all that.) Also from the schedule below you can see I've got some time to meet up. Mornings at least I'll stay confined to my room and write.

BookSworn Party 7 pm Thursday

Offsite Signing 2 pm Saturday Afternoon (deets forthcoming)

Drinks with Authors  7 pm Saturday night, Ernie's Pub, happy hour prices and it's a block from the hotel (more deets forthcoming)

Unscheduled bits: a couple of interviews and my onsite signing.

I'm leaving Sunday morning. I know I know I KNOW. But keep in mind I keep a pretty rough con schedule (6 or more a year) and school will have just started and I need some family/downtime. Plus I'm planning on getting EMISSARY to beta readers in very early September so I'm under a tight schedule with the book. Which reminds me...back to it!

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