worldcon schedule

No panels, but that's cool cuz I'm going to try to get my writing on.

You also can find me around listening to smart people yap about SF,  in the bar, and at the following various appearances. I will tweet my locale if I'm out and available. @betsydornbusch

Arrival. I will be in the bar that evening if you want to find me, though I might step out for dinner with some folks.


Private interview/podcast recording
Late afternoon: preparing the BookSworn party

Thursday Night 
BookSworn Party
8 pm
Suite 3436 Party Hotel (Riverwalk Marriott)
Meet the BookSworn! 
and bugs! and scotch! and books!

AM Mostly MIA, writing

2 pm 
SFWA table, dealer's room
I will have books with me for sale, or you can bring your own for me to sign.  

Friday Night 
No firm plans yet, might have an offsite dinner


Saturday Afternoon Signing
8/31    11 am to 2 pm
The Twig, 306 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio

MYKE COLE, author of Control Point
BETSY DORNBUSCH, author of Exile
KEVIN HEARNE, author of Hunted
DREW KARPYSHYN, author of Children of Fire 

KAY KENYON, author of A Thousand Perfect Things 
SCOTT LYNCH, author of The Lies of Locke Lamora 
MICHAEL J. MARTINEZ, author of The Daedalus Incident 
BRIAN MCCLELLAN, author of Promise of Blood 
COURTNEY SCHAFER, author of The Whitefire Crossing 

Saturday Night Drinks with Authors
7 pm
Ernies, a pub behind the main party hotel
Again, lots of writerly folk attending.
Book giveaways!

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