Things are slowing down a bit here, which means there is a God because this summer has been cray-fucking-cray-cray. Only taking my kids to one thing in a day = good day. So tomorrow things will normalize somewhat into the summer we were supposed to have, things this week like celebrating a friend's birthday, doing some final school clothes shopping (hey, get me, we have all our kids' school supplies already!), going to the amusement park, parties, pool, sleepovers, etc.

Broncos start playing Thursday. I'm having the first get-together. I seem to have an abundance of cheese dip so there will be that there. Not sure about the rest.

I got a new phone. Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, I love it. But most of it isn't that new to me cuz I had a good android phone for years. As usual, there are a couple of settings that take too many steps, but now that I know my way around the phone, have icons where I want them, got apps fixed back up, email set up, etc, I'm all good. And Apple people who are tempted to comment (as they so often do; they're more evangelical than atheists, I swear) I have all kinds of experience with iPad and iPhone and I chose this phone, so yes I know what I was doing.  I'd submit most evangelical Apples haven't actually spent any time on the android platform, or they'd be eating their words. There really is no contest. Plus I got it for wicked cheap.  It also has this beautiful real wood case on it; I actually look a little classy now.

I'm also working a lot (trying to get about 4 hours a day in) on EMISSARY. It's going pretty well, and I think it has better bones than I thought. I hope, anyway! I also know how it ends, which is fabulous. I do have one problem to solve, but I decided I'd save it for the next book with The Title That Is Top Seekrit Still. And TTTITSS (haha, see what I did there?) isn't under contract yet so I won't write a word until it is. I may or may not will write a synopsis for sure.

I'm fielding fairly regular questions about when EMISSARY will come out (thanks for being so excited, those of you who have asked!) Short answer: I don't know, but hopefully next spring. I'm talking to Skyhorse about it now.

Had our Electric Spec production meeting tonight. That was great, good stories, fun to see my partners who I don't see as often any more but have known for 8 years. Looks to be a good issue. We had, as usual, a great selection but paring them down came to issue balance.

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