scenes from a construction apocalypse

essential provisions atop the 20 year old beer fridge.
the fridge likes to pretend it's still in college
trash service has been suspended for the duration.
one of these has the rotting corpse of a bunny inside and will for another week!
guess which one and you can have a prize!
(prize may or may not be a zombie bunny)

 an apocalyptic still-life, stalled because of rain.
Actually, as apocalypses go, this is a pretty tidy, friendly one. If the mailman actually ever came around, s/he'd see that our mailboxes are perfectly accessible to those with operational feet.


John Blackport said...

Oh no.

TELL ME that Monsters aren't 20 years old!!! They weren't *actually around* in 1993, were they?

Crap! I bet they WERE! Crap!!

John Blackport said...

Oh no. Don't kid around about the zombie bunnies.

I mean, they not only have big teeth, they're FAST.

And small enough to be hard to shoot! I suppose we could forget headshots...