emissary excerpt

The sharpness in her tone finally warned him off blurting something stupid. He spoke carefully. “You asked me what I think, and it is this: Monoea’s army outnumbers ours twenty to one. Its navy outnumbers us ten ships to one. If we go on the offensive and destroy those ships, King Yssef may send a fleet of ten next time. Or twenty. We cannot fight them in a real war and win, Elena.”

She pursed her lips and stiffened slightly. Her dark eyes drank in the light, vanishing it into their depths. These abrupt moments, when she was more queen than woman, peril shadowed her like armor.
    “Such talk would be considered treasonous by some.”

He dipped his chin to her. “The truth is not treason, my Queen. Lying to you would be.”

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Claire L. Fishback said...

This excerpt gave me chills! I can't wait for it Emissary to hit the shelves!