I'm in an "annoyed with life and mostly other people" phase that seems to be stretching through the entire summer. I'm apparently the only person on the planet who keeps a fucking calendar. But oh well.

Oh fucking well.

I'm also tired of people thinking "OMG you don't think about things just like me so you must be ____(insert fairly insulting label here)____." Baby doesn't want to go in the box. Doesn't mean I'm not as patriotic/religious/caring/loving/funny/enjoyable as the other.

Mostly I'm crabb-EEEE because I don't have time to write and work.  It's happening in little snippets, which isn't enough, and I'm frustrated. Bah Plus I really wanted to have a patio party at some point, and so far, nada. Double bah.

I suppose SIGH I'm going to have to get some discipline and start working in the early morning hours with no distractions. I've heard you can buy that at the Walmart.

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