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I've been remiss in the self-pimping lately (writingwritingwriting and preparing for an issue of Electric Spec and the end of school) so here goes.

There are new reviews on Amazon for EXILE. Accompanied by 4 or 5 stars, they say stuff like:

It's very, very rare to come across a truly original entry in the epic fantasy world, these days. ...  At no point did I get the feeling I was dealing with cut outs or your typical fantasy cliches.
 I'll admit that I don't read much epic fantasy, but this story was absorbing and intriguing right form the start. The world is vast and complex, but is revealed gradually as the hero, Draken, travels through the kingdom of Akrasia, neatly named 'the arse-end of the world'. Lots of magic, action and great characters...
 I could relate to the inner turmoil of the main character, loved the plot twists, and the battle/fight scenes were AWESOME. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!!!! 

The ending, which I will NOT give away, made the whole book worth the read.

My cohorts and I are preparing for our reading at Boulder Bookstore in ONE MONTH:
Thursday, June 13
7:30 pm
JA Kazimer
Shannon Baker
Lynda Hilburn
Drinks and dancing following; 
location TBA (probably Conor O'Neils and the Absinthe)


And for fun, here's a snippet from something I've been working on, a short story set in the world of Akrasia (different country, 1500 years before, give or take): 

             Lyorn shoved her toward the house. Erryna almost tripped on her nightgown again but managed to stay upright. Smoke made her cough. They walked her around the bodies sprawled on the flagstones and on the little road in front of the cottages. The dead lay pale and still. Blood ran in thick, glossy pools. More bile rose but did nothing but sting her throat. She had nothing left to throw up. They kept her walking down the row of cottages. Families had been dragged out of their beds and murdered.
     “Who is missing?” Lyorn asked.
     Her lips parted. No sound came. She swallowed hard. “My wee brother.” Phelan!
     "Ah, the little lad," someone said cheerfully. "Dead in his trundle."


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Donna Hole said...

Awesome to get such great reviews.

Good luck at the book signing.