Today both my little'uns, who aren't so little anymore, are moving on from old schools to new. We're becoming the proud parents of a middle schooler and a high schooler (gulp).

Nine years at Superior Elementary coming to an end. It's been a great ride, a great school. Kids were generally happy, teachers great, etc. You really couldn't hope for more. I'll miss the place.

BUT I do get to have a new kid at the art school, which is great, and it'll be nice having my older one back at the neighborhood high school. It's very big on technology, which he is also, so we're hoping it's a great fit for him.

They're so big and grown up and we enjoy them more every year. I'm not one of those moms who mourn the baby years but I relish their growing and developing into the remarkable people they're becoming. I might cry a little today, but mostly I'm super thrilled for them both and I hope they make as big a success out of their new schools as I know they can.

Mostly, as usual, I just hope to be the mom they deserve.

Love you bestest Alex and Gracie,

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